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What is a savannah cat?

The Savannah cat is the most popular cat of this century.  It is a domestic cat registered by an international cat registry.  Also unusual, is the fact that the Savannah cat has a non-domestic cat parent that comes from Africa.  The name of that kind of cat is called a Serval. 

Servals are a tall, golden cat with black spots and huge ears.  The Savannah cat is supposed to look much like the Serval.  In addition, the Savannahs inherit many of the same traits from the serval parent.  The golden coat and huge ears are the first things that everyone notices.  Then the black spotting and long, long legs. 

Rarer in Africa are black servals and white servals.  There are black and silver Savannah cats chosen to stand for the same colors as the servals.

Savannah Cats are Beautiful

They are very beautiful.  When a cat is bred to a serval the kittens are always called F1 Savannahs.  When the F1s are grown some are bred and the kittens are called F2 Savannah cats.  Each time that happens, the kittens add another number, such as, F3 and F4.

Smart and Friendly

The Savannah cat personality is the main reason pet owners want them.  They are extraordinarily smart and very interactive.  Savannahs love to play in the water, go for walks or runs on a leash and are very good at figuring out how to carry out some difficult tasks like opening doors or communicating when they want something.

Their owners seem to congregate together in groups to talk about their cats and compare stories as though they are human children.  To top it all off, nothing beats a big, beautiful, long-legged, big-eared cat standing in the living room when guests walk in and say, “wow, what is that?”

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There may come a time when you need to convince a spouse, parent or even yourself why you should own a Savannah.  Now we know this might take place before you purchase one. On the other hand, there may be a time when you are reminding yourself as your new kitten is sitting in front of the TV while you are trying to watch it that owning a Savannah is the best thing since.…MORE

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All generations of Savannahs and children happily share a household. Above all, proper socialization from the breeder and responsible ownership are key. It can also be a great thing since both have plenty of energy. Savannahs need a lot of enrichment and most children are more than ...MORE

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List of States that allow disallow or permit Savannah cats

Savannah cat legal ownership is very important to reputable breeders.  One of the worst things that can happen to a Savannah cat is to settle in with its family and begin to give that unconditional love..and also receive it from his humans only to be turned in and your cat is confiscated.  Many not so savory breeders will tell you not to worry and that Savannah cat laws are not really enforced.  Nothing is further from the truth

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The staff started Savannah Cat Association in order for honest breeders who have Savannah kittens for sale to show they are not scam artists.  Because in today’s world, it is so hard to tell who is legit online, we provide many ways for you to show your clients how hard it is to be legitimate.

Our members pay their dues and our staff all work as volunteers without pay.  The funds are used to assist FIP research.  FIP is the worst disease that affects a cat or kitten and the scientists we support, make great progress with our contributions

In addition, we provide owners and would-be owners with many articles to make your job choosing a breeder easier. For instance, the care a responsible breeder takes.  As opposed to a back yard breeder who will throw two cats together and sell sick and unregistered kittens that get little to no attention.  In addition, there are articles so Savannah cat owners may do a better job raising and care for their cats.  Also for buyers, there are lists and advice to figure out which Savannah kitten is best for them.

Our Mission

Equally important is our commitment to battle FIP in any way we can and not just for Savannahs. Consequently, through educating people on cleanliness techniques that kill the Coronavirus, the precursor to FIP.  Additionally, raising funds to facilitate FIP research.  FIP is a cat killer, of course, we have no cure yet, but we hope with our help we will have a cure soon.

In addition, members are allowed to show off their kittens on the front page of this site as a way to help them with their donations and support. Our Facebook group and page with the same name also are set up for donations. However, lately, Facebook has been not-allowing Savannah cat groups much exposure. Consequently, we have recently opened a Savannah Association group on  That group is

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