The chart shows Savannah breeders who have signed our Member Pledge.   These breeders work hard to maintain high health and cleanliness standards and socialized Savannah kittens and cats.

You might ask why is this important.  Well, with any pet purchase, we must think about why we want the companionship of a pet.  Unconditional love, companionship, laughter, company, and the list could go on and on.  Imagine if you brought home a sick kitten that needed many trips to the vet to get well.  Or one who did not live very long due to some illness or lack of vaccinations.  On the other hand, you can get a perfectly healthy kitten that is unsocialized.  Imagine having a kitten you can pet, or cuddle, or even touch.  None of the dreams of owning a kitten will come true.

We want you to meet the perfect Savannah breeders and get the kitten of your dreams.

Finding the Right Savannah Breeder

We can help you find a happy healthy kitten and here is how we do it.  In order to display a breeder here, they first must fill out a form disclosing facts about their cattery.  In addition, each breeder signs a pledge.  This pledge states they pledge to follow integrity, fairness, and respect in dealings with their kitten owners.  Also, they agree to give the best possible veterinarian care, testing, up-to-date immunizations, attention, and living environment.  If they do not, they are not allowed to remain members.

We provide education for our breeders and for new and existing Savannah owners.  This helps Savannah breeders improve.  Besides that, there are tons of articles for those purchasing kittens that offer guidelines for ways to look for and ask for.

Please enjoy reviewing the articles and use our list of questions to ask when looking for your kitten.


SCA Breeder Members

ContinentCountryState-ProvinceBreederSCA Member PledgeTICA Code of EthicsCattery of ExcellenceP-K-A-R on Request*
AsiaPhilipinesFigtree Felinesyes
EurasiaRussiaChelyabinsk RegionSavannah SpirityesP-K-A_R
EuropeFranceSavannahs KalmiayesyesP-K-A
EuropeGreeceSavannah LoveyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomDevonAmareyesK-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomHampshireDotty SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomWest MidlandsElegantSavannahsyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomWorcestershireEmpireFelis-SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomBlaenau GwentGwent Savannahsyes
EuropeUnited KingdomFifeKindgom KatsyesK-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomEssexKwazuluyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomDevonNefer Sahb SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomSuffolkSavannah Cats Of SuffolkyesyesK-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomTyne & WearSavvy Rogues SavannahsyesK-A
EuropeUnited KingdomLeighSavKatjie Savannah CatsyesyesK-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomScottyspotsyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomSouthCoast SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomMonmouthshireWildest Breeds UKyes
America/CanadaCanadaAlbertaMaximus PrideyesP-K-A-R
CanadaBritish ColumbiaBastet Exoticsyes
CanadaBritish ColumbiaRogue HoursyesyesP-K-A-R
CanadaQuebecLa SavannerieyesP-K-A-R
United StatesAlabamaDixiedotz SavannahsyesyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesArizonaAZSavannahsyesP-K-A-R
United StatesArkansasSpottedwonderyesP-K-A-R
United StatesArkansas5 River Savannahs
yes yesP-K-A-R
United StatesCalifornia1 Purrfect SavannahyesP-K-A-R
United StatesCaliforniaLovelee SavannahyesyesK-A
United StatesCaliforniaS & P Savannahsyes
United StatesCaliforniaSan Diego SavannahsyesK-A-R
United StatesCaliforniaSpotitudeyes
United StatesColoradoBoutique ExoticatyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesFloridaSunshine SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
United StatesFloridaLakewood Ranch SavannahyesP-K-A-R
United StatesKansas
Subscription expired
Iwanna Savannah yesP-K-A-R
United StatesLouisiana Sirenzo SavannahyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesMaineDamara Exotic CatsyesK-A-R
United StatesMichiganAWildSideyesK-A-R
United StatesMichiganMotown CatsyesP-K
United StatesMichiganSalem's PrideyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesMichiganStarfell SavannahsyesyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesMississippiLeqouiayesP-K-A-R
United StatesMissouriSavannahrose CatteryyesR
United StatesMissouriSt. Louis SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesMontanaRocky Mountain Exotics Savannah CatsyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesNevadaBastcatsyesyes
United StatesNevadaClawsonSavannahyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesNew MexicoAkila SavannahyesyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesNew MexicoEnchanted SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
United StatesNew YorkEmpire SavannahyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesNorth CarolinaKaluah Ridge Farm & CatteryyesK-A-R
United StatesOhioAll Paws N PurrsyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesOhioNorth Coast Exoticsyes
United StatesOhioSouthern Ohio SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
United StatesOklahomaSavannah Cats of Nightfall
United StatesOregon6th Day SavannahsyesR
United StatesPennsylvaniaMegaspotz Savannahsyes
United StatesTennesseeAfrikhan SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesTennesseeEast TN SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesUtahSavannahtopiayesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesWashingtonBeMySavannahyesP-K-A-R
United StatesWashingtonRainier SavannahsyesyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesWashingtonRoyal Savannah ExoticsyesR
United StatesWashingtonSavannah HeightzyesyesP-K-A-R
United StatesWashingtonSavannah SeattleyesK-A
United StatesWisconsinTamarac ExoticsyesR
*Some members choose to make testing and references available on request. Each member may show what is available by choosing P for PCR testing, K for PK Deficiency Testing, A for PRA testing and R for References.

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