states that allow Savannah cats

List of States that allow Savannah cats

Please check our list of states that allow Savannah cats before you begin your journey to own one.  Savannah cat legal ownership is very important to reputable breeders.  Many people ask, “is it legal to own a Savannah cat?”  Savannah cats are legal in many states because, after all, they are domestic cats once the cat is bred to a domestic per the USDA APHIS laws.  TICA (The International Cat Association) registers Savannahs and it is a domestic cat registry.  However, some states don’t allow ownership, such as Georgia.  In addition, other states as Texas allow them with very strict and almost impossible to obtain permits.

Many Texas breeders fly by the skin of their teeth and no Texas breeders can be a member unless we have their permit on record.  Consequently, we have no Texas members.  There are so many reasons why we are so strict about following the laws on states that allow Savannah cat ownership when placing one of our Savannah kittens.

One of the worst things that can happen to a Savannah cat is to settle in with its family only to be turned in and your cat is confiscated.  Consequently, many not so savory breeders will tell you not to worry and that Savannah cat laws are not really enforced.  Nothing is further from the truth.  In some states a Savannah may be euthanized if confiscated.

Below is a short reference to the United States and if they allow, permit or ban Savannah cats.  Please take the time to look and also do further research.  Do not expect your responsible breeder to send one of their kittens to a home where ownership is not allowed.

Savannah Cat Legal Ownership State List

  • Alabama                  Allows all generations
  • Alaska                       F4 and later allowed
  • Arizona                    Allows all generations
  • Arkansas                 Allows all generations
  • California                Allows all generations
  • Colorado                 F4 and later allowed,  ownership illegal in the city                                                 limits of   Denver
  • Connecticut           Allows all generations
  • Delaware                 Not allowed without permit, fine for ownership
  • DC                               Allows all generations
  • Florida                       Allows all generations
  • Georgia                    Not allowed at all
  • Hawaii                      Ownership illegal
  • Idaho                         Ownership illegal without a permit
  • Illinois                      Allows all generations
  • Indiana                    Allows all generations; some counties require permits
  • Iowa                          F4 and later allowed
  • Kansas                    Allows all generations
  • Kentucky                Allows all generations
  • Louisiana                 Allows all generations
  • Maine                       Allows all generations
  • Maryland                Allows all generations if the Savannah is under 30                                                pounds in weight
  • Massachusetts     F4 and later allowed
  • Michigan                  Allows all generations
  • Minnesota               Allows all generations
  • Mississippi               Allows all generations
  • Missouri                   Allows all generations
  • Montana                  Allows all generations
  • Nebraska:                     Not allowed at all.
  • Nevada:                         Allows all generations; exception No Savannahs in                                              Las Vegas
  • New Hampshire:       F4 and later allowed
  • New Jersey:                 Allows all generations
  • New Mexico:               Allows all generations, some cities require permits
  • New York:                     F5 and later allowed; No generations allowed in                                                    NYC proper
  • North Carolina          Allows all generations
  • North Dakota            Allows all generations
  • Ohio                               Allows all generations
  • Oklahoma                   Allows all generations
  • Oregon                         Allows all generations; Some cities or counties may                                             have restrictions
  • Pennsylvania             Allows all generations
  • Rhode Island              Not allowed at all
  • South Carolina          Allows all generations
  • South Dakota            Allows all generations
  • Tennessee                   Allows all generations
  • Texas                             Not allowed in most counties. Allowed in the                                                            following counties with strict permitting:  Aransas,                                              Bell, Coryell, Ector, Guadalupe, Harris, Kaufman,                                                  Lubbock, Mason, Ward.  Montgomery must permit                                              1st through 3rd generation Savannahs; 4th and                                                    subsequent are allowed.
  • Utah                              Allows all generations
  • Vermont                     F4 and later allowed
  • Virginia                       Allows all generations
  • Washington             Allows all generations; Seattle ownership is banned
  • West Virginia          Allows all generations
  • Wisconsin                 Allows all generations
  • Wyoming                  Allows all generations

To sum up, this information is provided as a convenience and general information for LEGAL ownership.  Please, never try to sneak a Savannah cat into an area where it is not legal.


Check with your local, county and state officials before you decide on a purchase of a Savannah Cat.  For further information and contact numbers please visit: Protection Status

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